Sewertp application!


You find a weird set of sewer pipes. Coming from the inside, an eerie sound escapes. You feel frightened but also intrigued, you make your way in and after minutes of roaming, you find a small slime, it asks if you want to join it’s “guild.” Not knowing how to respond, you ask what the reqs are and if there are any other questions; “You must have:”
-at least 4 8/8s with a total 25k base fame
-Must have endgame knowledge, or the willingness to learn
-Have discord+be an active user(mic is strongly recommended, a lot of people like to talk in vc!)
-No hacking, which will include everything from 3rd party clients to trackers/event tracking
-Be cool, friendly and pog!

How to apply:



A friendly reminder: You and your made those posts several times.


Please limit yourself to one discord recruitment thread per guild to keep things tidy around here. I’ll let the other two stay for the time being, but I am closing this one. Feel free to bump one of the other ones if you want to recruit more players!


Duplicate thread, see either of the others linked above.