Shadow Shiv (UT dagger)


Shadow Shiv UT
40%20PM 59%20PM
Loot bag:IA2a6mv
Feed power: 1000
Fame bonus: 6%

120-150 damage
60% rate of fire
Shot speed: 50
Shot lifetime: 1000
Range: 5
Shots hit multiple targets
Shots return to point of origin

Description: This restless blade scythes away the souls of its victims.


The stats on this thing look horrible. An average of 135 damage per shot, and 60% RoF?! But here’s the catch: The shots return to their point of origin (meaning they boomerang) and they also pierce, meaning they could theoretically hit a stationary boss twice, making it always outdamage the T13 dagger. This weapon’s use is very limited however, as it is really hard to hit moving bosses, and its shot speed is even slower than the Symbiotic Ripper’s. Most players will opt for a more conventional dagger

Some uses this dagger could see are clearing and damage on stationary bosses.

Thanks for reading!


Unfortunately projectiles in realm do not deal damage more than once, even boomeranging ones. This can be seen in parametric weapons like the wand of bulwark and in enemies like Bes’ armour breaking boomerangs.

However this might change in the near future with the Unity update, so interesting concepts like this may become a reality~


It technically could spawn new projectile instead of reversing the old one


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