Shedskin Prism


Shedskin Prism


Slytherian prisoners of war would escape captivity, leaving their shedded skin behind. Their captors did not know they had escaped until they were gone.


  • Tier: UT
  • MP Cost: 110
  • Duration: 5 Seconds
  • Effect: Sets out stationary decoy.
  • Self Effect: Removes all negative status conditions, Exposed for 5 seconds
  • Stat Bonus: +5 SPD
  • Fame Bonus: 4%
  • Feed Power: 700

Drops From:

  • Stheno the Snake Queen
  • Snakepit Guardian

More info

A prism that, albeit the most MP intensive, gives the Trickster a great slipaway into safety even under a status effect. Exposed will still give the Trickster some issue if not teleporting somewhere safe. Decoy does not move, so best used in a chase or pursuit.


That’s actually a really well executed concept. I like it~!

On a side note, the sprite’s colours are a tad bit dull for a prism.


not gonna lie, just threw a prism into GIMP and colorized it. Maybe I’ll design an actual sprite but its just a greener prism.


It’s overpowered.



Interesting concept, though this would be an incredibly powerful prism to use in solo gameplay. Think of all the possibilities!

The sprite looks almost identical to the Tier 2 prism (Illusion Prism).


I would suggest making it look well… less like a tiered prism. It might be an idea to make it look similar in colour to the Snakeskin Shield? They have a slightly more vibrant green colour than what you went for here. I would probably still end up confusing it with the T2 prism all the time though.


Updated the sprite with a more “snakeish” green palette.


Don’t wanna be that annoying guy, but…


Looks pretty similar to me :wink:


well only one other option



Just make it a different shape


i want one


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