SkySlurp's Normal PPE Thread


it could be mundane, just don’t use the ability and just use it for the stats


he is missing some mp at bilgewater who doesn’t have any quieting bullets

Also he is using a pet and can see his hp/mp bar and doesn’t seem to be doing tier progression


So, he made his character unmundane on purpose?
Can’t believe you’ve done this @SkySlurp


Also, Flash player is weird for me right now (constant 32 FPS). I’m using Firefox (61 FPS :thinking:). I can only make edits when I use flash player.


My character disappeared

edit: I had to reload firefox


so im basically a god


@ Toastrz @ Nevov


Not unless you use the honey scepter in conjunction with Spirit Staff, you ain’t!


If he can do that, then he has won the game.

Ninja PPE


I died

assassin time

Assassin PPE




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PPE soon :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it :star_struck:


Dream set:
Bow of the Void Nebular Lute Vesture of Duality The Forgotten Crown / Omnipotence Ring

Long way to go!