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These are nothing compared to my LEGANDARY snake pit…


Want to see my snake pit?

I had 5 before but this one is even better lol.


No trooms in this snake pit, but another interesting thing instead.


whats so special about that one?


no side roads until boss


Talking about Snake Pits, just like @Nevov’s, I got a troom the second I stepped into a room.
I still miss this Pally :c


I do remember someone on the post I made on the Wild Shadow forums saying they had a 6 Troom Snake Pit but failed to screenshot it. :thinking:


Well, the dungeons are randomly generated, so unless there is some kind of hard cap on the amount of trooms any amount that can fit in the set dungeon space should be possible.


This is very true!


Super old but just found this thread so…


that is untrue… sorry, but it’s ridiculously untrue…

first of all, dungeons are pre-set and randomly selected (if this is what you meant, then the second part of your sentence REALLY won’t make sense)

second, there’s no possible way for countless trooms to exist so long as they fit within the dungeon’s perimeters, and if you think hard enough you can say farewell to the spawn room AND boss room

third, i thought it was common-knowledge five was the cap for trooms, officially and unofficially depending on the dungeon

lastly, a certain someone, cough CWanders cough, who has completed the most abysses, has stated five is the cap for abysses. He’s even run across the same layouts a number of times. I’ll take his word for it with that credibility.

Of all things you can do and use to try making yourself sound smart, please don’t use misinformation. that’s just… wrong :confused:


I didn’t flesh it out too well because I was at work, but I didn’t think it mattered as no-one would take it that extremely. Clearly I was wrong.

Firstly, I know dungeons are picked from pre-made pools, but I seriously doubt they crafted each one of them individually so that would mean they created some kind of algorithm to make them, and that algorithm must have had some degree of randomness.

Second, I get how this can be taken wrong, but of course there cant be a dungeon that is completely filled with trooms. That would just be stupid. What I meant was lets say part of the algorithm was that every room has a 10% chance to be a troom. In that case you could have a snake pit with all rooms being trooms, or atleast most as trooms can only be entered from the side.
Let’s say on the other hand that snake pits has a limit of 50 rooms and instead of each room having a chance to be a troom every 10th room has a chance. In this case the max would be five, setting a cap.

Third, as I stated earlier in the thread I thought the max was 5 too, but LexCorp said he saw one with 6. As I didn’t have any hard evidence of 5 being the max, I trusted him and simply stated how that could be possible.

Lastly, I do not know who this CWanders person is, nor have I ever heard him state this, but I have to say that sounds credible enough. But it seems like he is just a normal player without access to the source code, so it has a very small possibility of being wrong. And I never said “there can be an infinite amount of trooms” I basically said “if there is no hard cap there can be more than 5”.

I do like making myself sound smart, I won’t deny that, but I was not spreading misinformation. I was simply giving my opinion of something which may have a slight chance of being true, which is the statement that 6 trooms is possible.


this woulda been better off as an edit to the post i was replying to…

for one, NONE of this info is in the post i was replying to
two, anything i reply to here will lead to off-tangent arguments nitpicking any fallacies i’d find in what you said
not sure how to conclusively end this post, but i’d rather that and leave it with you trying to correct yourself than drain energy doing the back n forth thing about nothing…


To be honest, I do agree with the what you were saying. What I don’t agree with is your wording and your overly aggressive tone.
I made a quick reply to someone saying whatever was on my mind at the time, and you seemed to take this as if I was insulting you personally for some reason. I don’t have anything against constructive criticism or being proven wrong, I actually welcome it, but your post can be boiled down to “You are stupid and everything you say is wrong”.

Regardless, I do agree that this whole discussion is kinda pointless, so let’s just end it here.


ok then


3 T rooms, I thought it was weird


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sorry my dude


Nothing to be sorry about, just pay more attention to the catergory you put it in. It’s a regs job : P