Soul Eater Skull


Soul Eater Skull
A skull that seemed to have belonged to Lord Ruthven. Its power harness the ability of vampiric attacks!

Damage: 200
Effect: Enemies hit will be “enfeebled” for 3 seconds when Wis < 30 or 3 + (3*Wis)/100 seconds when Wis > 30
5% of damage dealt to “enfeebled” enemies returns back as health.
Radius: 3
MP cost: 125
Cooldown: 1 second
Stat Bonus: +60 HP +4 ATT
Drops from: Ruthven

Overview: Allows for a more aggressive style of play, especially to small groups or when soloing as it heals all players going on the offensive on enfeebled enemies. 5% may not sound a lot but a Necromancer dealing 2000~ dps can heal 100+ health off of this effect in just 1 second which is less than the T6 skull’s 110 HP per pop but since “Enfeebled” can last 5~ seconds at 75 Wis, it allows the Necro can heal potentially 500+ HP and even more so for classes with higher dps. (this is just assuming players are focusing on 1 enemy. realistically multiple will be enfeebled at once allowing for a reservoir of heal at the player’s disposal.) Consequently, this compliment lower range, higher dps classes like the warrior or ninja well while still aiding longer range classes somewhat as their range allows them to be taking less damage anyways, making the heal:damage ratio positive either way. Keep in mind, heal rate is equivalent to attack speed so a Necro can heal 15~ hp per shot (combined 2 shots) for 7 shots per second, even faster than a white drake egg.


Not sure about how this will work in game, but the sprite is so cool!


Seems like a good idea, the enfeebled effect seems cool and will help necro be more useful in many situations.


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