Star dust (WIP) [Now with a large list of UTs!]


Thanks to @Nevov for the idea

Star Dust

A new currency to be added alongside gold and fame!
(Sprite to be added in a later edit)

Too many white bags cluttering up your vault?
Holding onto 12 sphinxes that you’ll never use, but don’t want to throw away?

introducing: Star Dust!

You can finally get rid of those pesky UTs without feeling guilty!

Within the vault there will be a new kiosk that allows you to trade in your old UTs for Star dust.
Different UTs would give you different amounts of star dust, of course.

With star dust you can access a new menu in the Mystery box shop, which contains multiple different boxes that cost star dust.

The cheapest box can award you with things like EPs, Planes, and ST rings, and even a rare chance to get a Doom Bow or Demon Blade.

The low-medium box will contain items such as Doom Bows, Demon Blades, and even some of the better STs, like armours and abilities, maybe you could even get extremely lucky and walk away with an Encore white, maybe even a parasite white!

The medium-high box contains rare items such as the Tshot, Para spell, and Cnidarian scepter, some UT weapons will be included along side abilities and armours. The really lucky players might even get a LH ring, maybe even a shatters ring.

The Highest cost box will contain LH whites, Shatters whites, STs (the better ones, so people don’t get shafted by rings), LHs tops, and, for the players who get really lucky, even event whites!

The ULTRA box gives you a guaranteed event white! This is teh only box that won’t contain a ‘dud’ in it (read below)!

Every box will also contain a ‘dud’ reward, which will be 75% of the Stardust you spend on the box given back to you, this won’t be common, but it will be much more common than the ‘legendary loot’ rewards.

This is still a work in progress, so the turn-in rewards outlined below are just a rough-draft of the final product.

Plane - 75
EP - 75
Bulwark - 1100
Dbow - 300
Dblade - 350
Puri - 250
harley - 250
Dancing prism - 250
Vblade - 400
Murky - 550
Condu - 350
Fulmi - 550
Madrobe - 300
cbow - 750
Ctrap - 750
Lbow - 800
Parasite spell - 750
Tome of Pain - 600
Devistation scept - 650
Tshot - 900
Dire prism - 850
Doku - 550
Cutlass 600
Spirit Dagger - 500
Ghostly prism - 600
Esben staff - 450
Esben skull - 400
Aether orb - 900
Cherry wand - 900
Resu - 1000
Plague - 1000
FDBA - 1200
Water robe - 1100
Leaf hide - 1000
Sullen blade - 900
Midnight star - 1300
Bee armour - 350
Bee helm 1000
Bee dagger - 1100
Pyra - 1000
Prot - 1100
Nile - 900
Sphinx - 700
ASS - 600
Scutum - 1000
Shaitan skull - 1000
Shaitan waki - 1200
Cnidarian poison - 900
Cnidarian scepter - 900
Bracer - 1500
Gem - 1400
Crown - 1600
Colo Sword - 1700
Colo seal - 1600
Bplate - 1700
Potato - 1300
Vbow - 1800
Vquiv - 1800
Nil armour - 1600
SourceStone - 1700
Cult Staff - 1500
Cult skull - 1400
Ritual robe - 1500
Cult ring - 1000
Omni - 2100
Jugg: 2700
Ogmur: 2700
QoT: 2500
Ray: 2000
Cdirk: 2700
Vile - 2500
Conflict - 2500
Kageboshi - 2000
Bee quivers - 2200
Blood Cloak - 2600
Oreo - 2500
Cwand - 900
Csword - 700
Tablet - 2000


Low: 2,000
MLow: 4,000
MHigh: 6,000
High: 8,000
Ultra: 15,000

What would you do if you owned Realm?

Giving us something to do with unwanted white bag items, when the FP isn’t high enough to feed them, seems a good thing.
& using otherwise useless items to gamble with is a good concept since the alternative is the item wouldn’t get picked up, or be thrown on the floor to make space, so it’s not like you’re losing anything even if you get just another “useless” whitebag you don’t need, you can regrind it into dust for the next spin.


After your post on the “earnable whites thread” I thought of this concept.

This thread was put together in like 30 minutes, so the values definitely aren’t done, but I thought this would add some fun for end-game players, who otherwise wouldn’t pick up some whites.


You know what, this is good.
It’s not unbalancedly broken - as far as I can tell, at least; surface level brokenness is common, but this one ain’t got it - nor utterly useless.


inb4 I trade in 27 EPs and then get an EP from the Low Box



That’s how it’s supposed to work, you can either save up for the big box (like 100 EPs) or you can try your chance at the low box.

EDIT: The ultra box costs 200 EPs kekek


EP is underrated XD



I did (almost) every whitebag, and tuned box prices.

Suggest changes if you would like to see any, and tell me if I missed any white-bag items.

Edit: added a new box too!


It’s not really underrated, it’s just too common to give it a high price, as it would leave the concept completely broken.


yo I need some opinions on some things.

Should STs drop from these boxes?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Should you be able to trade STs for star dust?

  • Yes, all STs
  • Yes, but only soulbound STs
  • No

0 voters

Should I rework the box prices? (if yes, please provide some ideas on what to change them to)

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


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