Status Effect Depletion


73th! Oh wait, that’s not how it works…


Same here


I remember when the thread came out but for some reason I had not given it a like until now


With all due respect, sir, I simply cannot condone this action! What this post sayeth simply dost not sitteth well with me, and I absolutely wilt not concur with these outlandish ideas. Hast thou nay ingraft sense? Hast thou nay shame? What hath becometh of thou? I did has’t originally did do bethink of thou as a sir of honor, yet what I see hither is a clear indication of treachery! Thou may blaspheme nay longer, for the moderators of this forum shalt smite thou in their glory, and thou shalt beest banned for ever and ever. Did let the gods of the realm wot yond thou did do bring this fate upon yourself, and what thou declare hither shalt still remain a blemish upon thy life!


Why is this meme still alive?




Boi Best Of The Best threads don’t close

this is secretly a bump rofl




Bump until doc have to close it


What is this, a square set?



tbh i die alot on rogue because i dont know that my cloak is about to go down so i think this is a great idea


the thing is, this has been implemented for bags and dungeons.


So why is this not a thing yet?


add pls deca plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss plasdf es!!! :))))))(((((((( :(((((( :clown_face:


Fucking necro bump


go away


Is this

A necro bump?

Honestly though, it would be nice to see if Deca have this on their To-Do list. If so, we could simply close this thread.


they’ve done in, but


I would love to see this added, but this thread shouldn’t be closed, it’s in the #ideas:best for a reason.