Status Effect Depletion


Probably my first idea that wasn’t an item or class. Neat!

There has been a minor quality-of-life detail that’s been notably absent in the game for all this time - a notification of when a status effect is about to end. Whether that would be a positive effect on a player or a negative effect on an enemy, there should be a flickering effect over the effect icon about half a second or so before the effect wears off.

I’ve assembled a few rough gifs of what this kind of effect would entail:

Invisibility wearing off

Berserk wearing off

Stasis wearing off

In the interest of fairness, it is possible that such an effect could be distracting and therefore harmful to a player’s experience, so an option to toggle this on or off in the graphics menu could also be implemented.
However, knowing when a crowd of enemies is about to recover from being stunned or paralyzed is important, as is knowing when positive status effects are about to wear out.

This probably isn’t the first suggestion for such an idea, but I haven’t seen it around here, and I would like to know your thoughts on it.

A link to the Reddit thread, if you’re into that sort of thing, I don’t judge

So, yeah.

Edit: So, this is the first idea to reach 1,000 views on this forum, and the third overall! While I’m grateful of this, I would have preferred that such a distinction went into something that took more than 40 minutes of effort to create. Ah, but Ce la vie. :mask:

Edit 2: Okay, someone needs to tell me how and why this become the most highly viewed thread in the entire site.

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Great idea!


I really love that idea


We need that! Someone recently mentioned that Deca sometimes looks at the ideas posted in Deca please megathread on reddit - could you link this idea there or write a support ticket with this suggestion?


Nice idea. What about effects inflicted on enemies, too? Here’s an orb stasis wearing off, for example. Blinking would be just as good.

Edit: derp, I just noticed you already had this in your OP. Never mind me…


I love this idea


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This is absolute gold.


Great idea!!! I hope it goes into affect.


Nice, would be a cool addition for stuns, paralyzes and statis especially


Really good idea!


Really great :smiley: less deaths because you didn’t know that stun wore off


This would undeniably make chainstunning easier. that being a good or bad thing is up to debate


Very nice


This is a great idea.


That is painfully true, but considering that it’s already a problem that completely invalidates a lot of encounters, making it slightly easier couldn’t make it much worse. What we need is temporary stun immunity akin to stasis, but that is the subject of another thread entirely.




great idea!


This makes me want to learn how to program in whatever RotMG is programmed in so I can be of more help. I will remember and cherish this skit for eternity :heart: