Stuff it's taken me years to notice


Thought they were bald?


Tought the hair was a really weird nose
also i already noticed that but forgot to post shame on you gamma
get a ping on your main @RogueGamma


I thought their hair was covered under their cap, and their head was just disfigured. I believe it was because the hair and skin color are very similar.


ah whelp


thank you


this forum has been in beta for a long time now :timer_clock:


Oh, I never noticed that.


turtles drop eggs? lmao ok


It took me so long to realize how you can tell if a message was edited. Whenever someone said edit: (text),
i was like: you don’t need to tell us you edited it, its not something we can see.

Then i realized, it is!


There is a 5 minutes time window where you can edit your post without it being marked as edited to correct grammar errors and stuff like that


You can mouse over someones star to see their exact star amount


didn’t even know this… rip me


time to sign in again to get my star count updated


there we go


I thought this was a huge mane of hair like on a troll doll 29A4404E-3BD2-415A-BCF7-47564C0F75DF


Same here !


Damn you now I can’t unsee it.


I am just now seeing what this skin actually is. Thank you


I always assumed davy jones was holding a boomerang david

I also thought frimar’s left shield was a sword not another shieldFrimar


Where are my credits?