Stuff it's taken me years to notice


When Null says “I hope you’re ready to crash and burn!”
He is referencing the disconnect tiles and firewalls that he activates


Only needs the person that has a backpack full to click offscreen for the trade to happen.


Every random i try it with claims it doesn’t work, or at the very least thinks I’m trying some magical scam and won’t click accept


Thats usually how it goes


if you kill a sprite god but leave its sprite children alive they will move to another sprite god if possible


For the longest time, I thought the white pixels on its face were its eyes and the red pixels were eyebrows.


your weapon switches hands when you go left to right


Okay, I only just noticed this and it’s only been in the game for a very short while, but if you die in the Realm in Exalt, the music droops off with the death SFX. It’s an extremely nice touch that really adds to the “ooohhhh heck” moment you get.

Aaand it also dials back up when you select “new character”? Lord!


imagine playing with music jk


She talks about the new music.


Bags put things of the same type in tier order, I didn’t notice it until this bag


They probably actually put them in order of there ID’s in the XML



This makes my head hurt



You don’t receive damage when the ground is shaking before Oryx.


How do you not notice literal godmode


it took me ages to notice as well orsome


i mean i said that as a joke but seriously


i didn’t notice the joking part at all


Fair. It’s hard to tell sometimes


Secret sauna