Stuff it's taken me years to notice


It took me a long time to find out that you could ROTATE. I was always at 45 degrees.
Once I did, it was hard for me to change because my nexus key was E. I died on so many priests after I changed it.


You could press z to center… I used to waste 10 min trying to get back to perfect 0 degrees after I tapped e…


*their. It was late okay…


The swamp terrain in the lowlands (blue-blackish ground) is only near the big river mouths


If you do the Tcave boss with minimal dps, there’s another part to the red bombs phase, it shoots spirals of gold that hurt quite a bit.


the “eye” became blue today right?


Next thing we know, we won’t be in beta

Stuff it’s taken me years to notice:
Also that the ‘eye’ was blue
The thread LudwiGa had posted in



@Twitchystr’s pfp isn’t completely black


@Twitchystr’s pfp isn’t a ninja with three balls but for some reason, i still can’t get it


@Twitchystr’s pfp is a ninja


I can’t be the only person that thinks Craig the Builder is wearing a Trump wig


@Shatter’s pfp has a sea slurp in it.


Unfortunately, you indeed are not.
Proof that designers shouldn’t make art!
See also the original “green bag” sprite, made by Unibro, that the Mister Mango shoots: image


The Bronze and Silver Mystery Skins have been missing from everything, event chests to mystery boxes.


in modern realm you don’t need skill to get a good account. it’s just die die die again til you get a good pet and don’t die.


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Edit: and if you use enter to select, it’s actually easier and more efficient (i before e except after c is bullcrap, took me 15 tries to spell that word) to go around the forums that way (at least the way I read the forums it is)



Or, if you are like me and like to see everything at once:

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Much better


wtf just noticed the lodestar skin is supposed to be marth not superman… image I feel really stupid now