Stuff it's taken me years to notice



smh exact same sprite with different palette


Just wait until you learn about the higher tiered weapons…


ST apparently stands for “set tier,” and not “special themed.”


What? I thought it was the other way around.


i used to think it meant special thing


but the…
the wiki says…
it says…
special themed…





That you actually have to drink potions to increase stats.


I’ve noticed that that fact has seemed to have eluded many a newer player, oddly enough.


took me months when I first started. Had to correlate reading the pot description for the first time and looking at my stats.


you can???


I am 85% confident they actually were called special themed on release because I remember thinking it was weird that it used T as part of its abbreviation just like everything else but it stood for something different. If it has changed, I suspect it was nickname imposed by players that didn’t break convention. I think your case would be stronger if you found a non-wiki source to prove it


If I thought it was “special themed,” it must have come from somewhere, so you might actually be right. Couldn’t find anything on it other than one RWT site calling them “special themed.” It’s possible that I’m not looking hard enough.


I think you can also control+click it


You just responded to a post from over a year ago


2 years ago


Dang you right. I legit forgot it was 2021 dang


I made a meme


holy shit i never payed attention to the tile texture on either skull shrine or wine cellar