Stuff it's taken me years to notice


the freaking godlands is a MOUNTAIN. The roads lead up in loops because its a circle, the snow happens because its cold up there, and the black is because its the tip of the mountain.

my guildmate pointed that out and it blew my mind.


It looks more believable when you look at the entire maps and think topographically, huh?


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This seems reasonably significant enough to keep open, methinks.


yooo I spent like an hour googling this last week. This info should really be on realmeye. Was trying to calculate how much more feed power I needed but the wiki just has like big chunks of feed power needed, no mention of a formula or anything like that


I realized yesterday that a pet skin drops from the Phylactery Bearers! I had no idea.

While looking into that, I realized a couple more things: first off, while this pet skin is listed as a drop from the Phylactery Bearer, it is not listed on the Pet Skins page.

Bonus round: I have been playing the game for 9 years and this whole time I thought that all 4 pieces of the ST set drop from the Phylactery Bearers. Only in looking stuff up about the skin did I realize that the robe and ring drop from the Haunted Spirit (the smaller minions that don’t really move around) :man_facepalming:. That explains why despite always clearing Liches in the realm, I never got a Soulless robe. I was so frustrated getting the staff and orb over and over, and now I just feel like a moron, lol.


Actually they all did drop from the Phylactery Bearers until like 6 months ago when the changed it.


A tad more info on the subject.


Woah, I didn’t think it was that rare. I will have to change my pet to it at least temporarily to see what all the sprites for it look like. Curious how many people have it.

Edit: sprite while moving, if you were curious:


ST set bonuses apply regardless of class


I use Apiary + Honey Circlet on ninja all the time! Very nice combination.



There are guillotines in leucoryx’s wing of the sanct


It was after a few months of playing that i realised you couldn’t fall off the edges in Sprite world.
Even have the exact moment in the comment section of this old rotmg vid lol!



holy hell im late as fuck to this but i only just noticed the drakes head not being in the topleft…
it took me 8 years i guess


it’s taken me years to notice the person who replied above me and the person that’s going to reply below me are cuties


your account is almost 4 years old?


indeed it is!