Stuff it's taken me years to notice


did u miss the point of that pic lol plz


Didn’t exactly take me a year to notice, but thanks @WunderWafe for making that wonderful ubhp reskin <3


lmao how?


Its probably because of the piercing weapon. Another way of getting your accuracy to over 100% is farming tutorial turrets or something similar with your ability because it only contributes to “shots hit”, but not to “shots fired”.


Oh thats why he has 300% because he is an archer with 3 shots ahh makes sense and he hit them at the same time.


Oh, I just noticed that it’s a headless zombie on the horse, I always thought the figure on the horse was the horse’s wings, like a dark pegasus :laughing:
That took me two years…


Okay, i just figured out that Xolotl Xolotl the Lightning God was not an Axolotl Axolotl;


That doesn’t really indicate anything.

How old is the character actually?


erm well i died on it a bit later after aking screenshot but the char is about 3 yrs old


Childs play


it was an alt that i forgot about… i’m not good at the game and i have bad laptop so don’t expect anything of me


What’s ur oldest char candy?


No, a 3 shot bow counts as 3 shots. If they all hit one enemy then you have fired 3 shots and hit 3 shots, and have 100% accuracy. You have to pierce or use your ability to get over 100%.


Don’t get too mixed up, a 3-shot bow versus one enemy still only earns 100%.
3 projectiles, 3 hits = 100%

To reach 300% you need every shot to hit three enemies (ie. pierce).
3 projectiles, 9 hits = 300%

It’s easier to think about it with a wand, one shot can hit multi enemies for above 100% accuracy.
Or with dblade/pixie, which can’t go above 100% because they don’t pierce.


just found this out today. made me fall out of chair in middle of class


it took me over a year to realize that 07%20PM is a warrior puppet, not a wizard. I thought it was a wizard because he shoots a lot of shots from long range


Mind blown.


oh gz man that’s something else… rip


Yeah I’ve gotten countless amounts over the years because I tend to clear. Even on my knight that has like 7,000 base fame, I still get like 5-10 fame for clearing. That’s worth it to me. When I was a new player I used to save them thinking they were some rare item. Lol.


it has taken me a year to notice that i have not played this game for a year