Summoner Wizard Half-Set (UTs)


Just a half-set I made for fun.

Staff of the Summoner

New%20Piskel%20(71) Grey%20Missile

The weapon to purge evil was created like the prophecies foretold – crafted from gold and a powerful fragment of a sun.

Tier: UT

Shots: 3

Damage: 80-110 (average: 95 / total: 285)

Rate of Fire: 60%

Range: 6 tiles

Amplitude to Frequency: 2 to 1

Stat Bonuses: +3 SPD. +5 VIT

Fame Bonus: 5%

Feed Power: 800

Holy Chain Spell


A preeminent tablet that summons holy chains of justice. Sinners fear the pure might of this flawless piece of magic and the heavenly smites it enforces.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 110

Shots: 2 (arc gap: 5°)

Hits Per Sec: 24

Duration: 2 sec (48 hits)

Damage: 35-45 (average: 40)

Total Damage: 1920

Special: Ignores DEF

Range: 6 tiles

Cooldown: 3 sec (duration + 1 sec)

Fame Bonus: 5%

Feed Power: 900

Video to show how it works

An insanely powerful spell with max average damage of DEF-piercing 1920 at the cost of 110 MP and a measly 6-tile range, as well as the fact that the aim of the spell cannot be changed after Space is pressed, meaning the ability can only be used at full extent on stationary enemies.

And that wraps it up! As always, criticism is appreciated. Leave a comment below on how this can improve!


Nearly two months…and I get no reply? AT ALL?


Forums is more or less dead at this point.

Your sprites are nice though.


Really? I can never notice the difference.


Wait till MotMG, or some other event. It’ll briefly become more lively then


That’s just how it b sometimes. Anyway the spell is a very cool idea and while the staff is a little bland the sprites are both nice. Maybe make the staff a scepter style thing where it shoots one shot doing 400 damage and every time it hits an enemy it splits in to 3 projectiles, with an arc gap of 60; each doing 1/2 the damage of the bullet they split from. Limit the range of every projectile to something like 5.5 or 6 so now you have something which is hard to use but is great for crowd control and in a way similair to the spell.


A fine idea, but I fear it would be too much like an ability.


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