Tackling RWT, but an extreme method


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No it’s not.

I already acknowledged that it is a bad idea in the 1st place…


I don’t understand your analogies you made here. If the mechanics are flawed, it can be improved.

You got me there bud…


It’s the same thing you are saying in different scenarios.


Go in a realm and walk around a little bit. Standing in nexus wont do much lol


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what the fuck is going on here


Yeah I do.

Nah it’s not. And no, I am not trolling.

If it doesn’t need to be fixed, it means that it is ok to have RWT’s.

Basically you are saying that we shouldn’t give a crap anymore.


You are talking to a RWT shop owner/affiliate you can be sure he doesn’t want you to give a crap.


Oh… didn’t know that…



But it does not mean you should break the ToS. Talking to Blacklist BTW.

And even if Deca has no plan to tackle RWT’s, I still view them not moral the 1st place.



I’ve never broken ToS


You run rwt, which is against tos.


RWT is not agaisnt the ToS


RWT is by definition against rotmg’s ToS, see here section 6.1.1

additionally endorsing or promoting RWT (or any other actions within rotmg that would break Deca’s ToS such as downloading and using hacked clients) is against our rules on this forum.


Me reading this entire thread:

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The General Chat Thread v2

I do think your idea of turning trade able st’s soul bound is great no reason for them not to considering every other st is as for accounts, hacking, duping. Let’s take it one problem at a time and cut off even if it’s one single source of their hold. I haven’t lost hope but it seems no matter what you say someone is gonna get upset you could have a perfect solution and some how some way they will find a way to complain.


(I plan on hanging on to my legacy STs anyway, thank you)

Mixed feelings on SBing them. I do have to remind myself that duping would probably be noticeable enough to cause problems, but also, what if someone wanted to experience what the legacy sets were like and are now unable? I’m probably biased, but that’s a sad thought for me.


I tried something else like there will be a fame box for Legacy sets at a rare occassion (note it will be random time). Basically, it will cost 10k fame per roll (up to 4 times). And just this idea myself, I addressed its pro 'n cons (there may be more).


Reduce the reliance on RWT’s to obtain the respective items.

As Book mentioned, it gives an opportunity for someone to experience what the legacy sets were like.

It gives an additional use of leftover fame.


Heavily relies on RNG when it comes to rolling the boxes.

Such items may lose their uniqueness of being “legacy” and their value.

Fame exploits and duping will be fixed 1st before it becomes a thing.