The Achievement Thread


The Death Thread

12.5k base fame y’all niggas gone die now
wtf this aint inappropriate???


now do it again, only this time on a class that isn’t overused and done to death. I’m thinking assassin or samurai.


fuk u that characters been alive for almost a year now

plus 12.5k on samurai is like #15 in the world thats hella gay thats a bit strange


ive always been edgy :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Fully cleared and completed a guild cult



6 year account. 124 days active play time. Finally managed to get 15 8/8’s alive at the same time!

Edit: @ecookied uwu


All to 2k now.


nice lv 1 8/8


With 0/5 class quests completed to boot! That’s gonna be satisfying to whip out later!


3/8 with my lvl 52/26 pet /w\
Furthest I’ve gotten, I’d want to boast, but I think I got to 6/8 on a Rogue back when I still had my lvl 48-capped Chick.

And I also 8/8’d my Wizzy .w.


going for 1 billion %


Dangit, barely missed my anniversary!
Ah, well, on time enough ^u^


6/8 PPE with a 52/27 pet òwó
I think I’ll probably suicide this, though, since I really want the room for something else -u-



Name checks out


I’ve been here for a while. And yes, last fall I was here a lot.
posting here to keep that nice even number


7/10 run
Loads of those circling phases at the end, Daze is a █████, Crusade second room, yada yada.


3k base fame on mystic ppe


Solo’d last phase of El Dorado (Blue) and Xolotl fully on my Warrior PPE.
Bless the fact that I decided to take that Fruitcake out of my vault.
Okay sure Unicorn might have done it petless, but a lvl 52 Heal pet was all I had. And I didn’t use my ability at all.