The Achievement Thread


New record?




Mystic ppe is now 8/8


An item from Testing if anyone else didn’t know what this is: PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL




Too puss to try in prod? :wink:


Nah, just don’t run into LHs that often.


So my plan wasn’t to hit over 69th rank but 44th is a bit to much…


Dead guild is ahead of you omegalul


Hands over Crown


inv me or die


Not even slm smh my head




A long standing goal of mine has been achieved today! All 15 classes at 8/8 with 2000+ base fame…


Samurai, Mystic, Huntress, and Paladin you mean >:O


My 11-day late 2nd realm birthday!


I wanted to play some chill Realm, but guess what? I ended up soloing another Cult!
Fairly decent group public Sentry-that-I-missed-dropped Halls, to duo (we had an unfortunate Crusade accident), to solo (I don’t know if they did that on purpose and I got trolled hard, or if they were just unlucky).

Ah, whatever, the loot’s decent. Anyone up for the Hydra, PM me in-game or on Discord if I happen to be online.


The 8/8 trio is back together, Yeah!

Edit: @deca pls don’t ever buff necro ninja or assassin again, that grinding was super annoying.


i did it, yay!


what in the actual fuck? my math’s not adding up; you’re hitting nearly 10^10 projectiles per hit? 1 shot… but how?
edit: …temple coil snake mini snakes?