The Achievement Thread


projectile-based abilities count for accuracy, but not for shots. the result when abused is that.

so if you take a wizard out and only spam your spellbomb you can get an absurd amount of accuracy without even using your weapon.


10 man to 4 then to 3 man shatts.
I mean they aren’t that hard anymore, but still.
Gg to @Heraldism and @Kiethmcgee!
I still got the mark.


Solo’ed a nest (not the dungeon, the realm event)
What I learned: never kill blue first, red and yellow are going to not BEE fun in their mega rage phase (imagine that paralyze or armor break + confuse on a giant angry bug rushing at you). You want to have blue for the last one. Also, slowing the bees makes the first two phases of the fight so much cleaner. Use any terrain to your advantage as well.
(Or do one in a realm with actual people, clear the mini nests and then call the big bees, friends are always nice to have :wink: )


Minor Blue rage is handlable; Minor Red rage us fairly easy; Minor Yellow rage is just really annoying because of the distance they keep.

Major Blue is very doable; Major Yellow isn’t too insane; Major Red is terrifying if it goes Chase.



soloed a few petless pally. too easy dude c:



Got dc’ed out of a solo cult >,<
(also fat fingered my nexus key last night)



Lets gooo


I believe in you. I should really solo a cult myself. Wasted my one chance because I didn’t know how to deal with minions the first time I encountered a small cult.


No You Fuck Ing Didn’t.
Oh My Grand Good Ness I Can Not Bee Lieve This Please Tell Me This Is Fake Oh Grand Ness


I was about to solo MBC on a wizard, marking it the first time I would solo MBC on a non-melee class. Game decided to DC me right after survival phase ended, kind of frustrating but ah well

So to make up for that, I was trio-ing a shats with 2 of my guild mates and they both nexused after 1st boss. Decided to try finishing the rest of the shats solo, which is something I’ve never done because I could never solo 2nd boss’s rage due to the sheer number of fire portals

Well, I actually did it! Was very sketchy, but I’d regard my Mseal to be the saving grace during that fight. The journey to 3rd was not hard, just tedious, same goes with the 3rd boss. So I guess that marks the first time I’ve soloed the Twilight Archmage :>


My wizard has redeemed herself! Soloed MBC for the first time on a non-melee class <3


Hit 1k for the first time in almost a year, yea!


Same thing happened to me. I was an 8/8 knight trying to improve my accuracy until I waited to long. The tutorial gun is OP.


if you’re an 8/8 knight you cannot be damaged by the tutorial guns, even without equips or pets.

if you were a 7/8 knight (0 def) you might be able to be killed by the tutorial guns, but I’m pretty sure your vit would be too high to be worn down to 0 hp even if you tried running around into several gun bullets

you really have to be trying quite hard to actually get killed by a tutorial gun (I know because I’ve done it before), it’s impossible to have it happen by accident.


erm that was intentional tho… my vit was too high so I had to reverse dodge


ok so it took me months to get this last staff



You still need two more uwur


How tf do you play with only 1 slot on a 5 yr old acc