The Achievement Thread


Maxed mana then life then dex first time I maxed life and mana first


I’d like to know as well.
A lot of patience I guess? (I missed the January char slot unlocker…)
EDIT: To be more clear, its not 5 full years. I played a lot around December 2016-March 2017, took a break. Started again after a year and here I am today.

Not to mention some ons and offs during the kabam era (but that’s a story for another day)


I got my dream set on my knight, 8/8, cutlass, shield of the mad god, fplate and deca. So yeah I’m pretty stoked. Also it’s my first 8/8

edit: pic added for credibility


im working on it oke


Maxed life first again…
and also 8/8ed my pally again


Good job, but now you can set your sights even higher!


Ez event

and whats this talk of once per account :wink:






This is my first ever 8/8 PPE. It took me waaaay too long but I’m proud I eventually got there especially with how difficult I used to find maxing chars even when I could trade…


A team of 4 guildies (including me) spent 3.5 hours finding every. single. easter. egg. in. the. realm.
5 magic eggs out of that. For the sake of my sanity, I will not do this again until quest markers are added for these eggs

Here’s some map screenshots:


Did Deca forget to label eggs as quests?


I got 2 magic eggs btw


Got my first 8/8 on my favorite class


One character slot what a chad


Why does this make me so fucking angry


Not to be rude, but that is far from the best set. I can still be your dream set though.


you really need to bump that skiill level up.
petless once again


Holy shit

Rip 2 despawned


I dont play enough to get many whites. Also i play on a laptop that cant handle lh so I have to settle for tradeable stuff. Sue me



I have become more powerful than you can ever imagine!

Only took 23 days from that post.


I’m a functioning member of society