The Achievement Thread


i think you need more zaarvox


Solo’ed, and managed to type fast enough. Had a few close calls though…


Nice solo, but next time you might want to have the phrase prepared in advance. Typing on the spot can lead to unfortunate accidents.


excuse me but don’t challenge my typing skills; i am unrivaled in my school when it comes to typing. i trained with several masters across all of america, europe and africa to hone down my abilities and become top class in the world. next time i meet you, i will absolutely destroy you with my 111 words per minute and leave you in my dust when i play nitro type against you.

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image Figured out my dyes on a budget


Damn it, missed my 7th year of realm by three days. Haven’t really played much this year anyways.


image got the 1000th post on farewell thread accidentally :confused:


Guess I don’t have to grind for that when I eventually figure out how lh work :smiley:


Cult solo warmup!
(where’s my cult staff grr)


I just wanted a little something to go with my Easter bonus reward so I rolled once on the Dragon Tamer box and this happened… LEGENDARY Status.


8/8 wizzy!
3 8/8s now!


How I thought it was rigged


I honestly cant see how I can improve my warrior anymore. Maybe a crown. Really happy with it :smiley:


Get the exa hp out of the inv.


Yeah. wasn’t paying attention and thought it was an Exa Atk that i use for chests.


Also you can get o2 armor.


6/8 ppe


more base fame :sunglasses:



Only 5 more 8/8s till I can SBC lmao
lower sbc reqs