The Achievement Thread



see this is why i keep away from the rotmg community, but it’s also why i’m a total dumbass, lmao

i actually meant to reply to @Mynamerr


Ahaha Hahahaha so funny omg ur comments are so insightful and add so much!


haha true!!


First time reaching over 20k account fame.(With the help of the event)
Missed exactly 20k because I was immersed in a long chain. But I am ecstatic.


ub dex is better for dps on a warrior


Just use during chests and idrc. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the party, fam! ^u^ Grats!


Ayy amazing job, I know the feeling of hitting a new high fame amount, it’s really satisfying.

I remembered before I came back to the game in Dec 2018, I never bypassed 10,000 alive fame and most of my characters died at around 2k-3k base fame. I find it funny how I’ve climbed drastically higher after I came back, it felt awesome seeing that 5-digit number. and then idk,I just kept climbing unwillingly after grinding LH for its whites, and now I’m at 86k fame.

I think I’ve made it a final goal to hit 100k alive fame before I have a decent chance of quitting, though I’ll probably still try to hunt for the whites I’ve yet to get :stuck_out_tongue:


20k total


Now get 29k in warrior.


u first


I meant 20k


you get to 17k first


I have 10k to get there and you have 3k to 20.
(Not a competition)


ill race u :wink:




ooh spooky
im getting cloooOOOoooOOOOooser :ghost:




Well yeah. You are game training…


Like from Otherbill Acquired