The Achievement Thread


Well I did lose the warrior set cause Im bad… but I’m pretty lucky :slight_smile:


You gave me the challenge, i do it


I never said that!




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Imagine carrying 3 tops that you can’t wear


Imagine having 2775 account fame as your HIGHEST OMEGALUL

Imagine not having a s i n g l e 8/8

Imagine insulting someone for having STs


Easter Event: :white_check_mark: completed.
Gave out a few baubles to thank the lightblue stars who were shouting out some B that helped me get the last 100+ I needed last night.


34 396 (1001st) actually

4 ded 8/8s

wow wow wow calm down


Alive fame silly
Dead fame shows how bad you are tbh ngl

Very cool I guess? Enjoy playing on them.


Time for me to flex the
198% fame boost Sorcerer


I think a guildie managed a 350% or smth crazy like that on his halls character


2 big achievements, hit 15 8/8’s last night as well as 25k base fame



50K base fame.

No fame trains or LHs.


Considering that you haven’t died on a single maxed char over the course of 1 year, its likely that you hack. I’d take his account over yours any day.


Very epic assumptions we got there


I finnaly moved on from piss star to white star


I’m thinking about staying orange star but i want to be white star. lol.



Its not too easy unless you have access to the max eff fame trains tbh. Those get up to 45 fpm so you can get a 2000 tf character every 20 minutes or so. However I think they switched to Trent selected ptrains so you can’t get in unless Trent selects you individually or someone leaks the loc.