The Achievement Thread


I got a free deca yesterday and I finally got back the legacy items I lost (Full Oryx set + pixie)
Who would be stupid enough to give me a free deca? @InfamousX


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I just did an oryx decoy

Sounds like an achievement to me


all 8/8. 6th slot left clean for ppes


I’ve been working on this a long time, probably 2 years at least. I finally achieved living white star. I have an 8/8 of each class with minimum 2k base fame. As an added bonus, they’re all wearing full ST sets.


mmm description perfectly fits the name

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Archer and Paladin have same base fame :eyes: But yo, I can’t imagine how difficult that would have been. I’m curious, just how many of those ST’s did you farm?


Honestly, I probably farmed about 1/3 of them. Half at the most. I played enough mystery boxes just after last xmas to get the purple name, but not the glow. That earned me a couple of sets


Yeah I was wondering if you had hit the misery box any. Because that would have taken an absurd (see what I did there xd) amount of time to farm all 15 ST sets. Still, congrats on such top notch characters!


I gotta give it to you deca

You managed to kill the 2 most active servers right now.



Wow, that is seriously an achievement! Just curious, now that you can play with essentially any character and gear you want (barring perhaps a couple of event whites), what do you find you return to playing most? What dungeons or events do you enjoy? Favorite and least favorites classes? What do you like most about the game? Don’t feel obliged to answer all of those, but I really am curious.


I’m currently very much enjoying playing a warrior with Acidic Slasher, Hivemaster Helm, Heavy Protective Matrix, and Entropy Reactor. My all time favorite class is necromancer though.


“imagine playing warrior”

-this message was brought to you by the priest gang


My mystic ppe may have bit the proverbial dust, but the fame allowed me to make legendary pet #2.

Not sure what to name this guy.


Name him “Rawrrr!”


I’m a regular now yay :partying_face:




No he is innocent!!!


Wow i just made a character that lives more than 1 day


First Crystal Entity solo, and it was on my PPE no less. Too bad I didn’t get a white.