The Achievement Thread


normally don’t post skin acquisitions on achievement thread, but this one is too hard to pass up.
been waiting for this skin for half a year, maybe i’ll even hop on it soon to enjoy it more



Better than last time.


Wiki Improvements

and here’s me feeling good i finished a pup on my own


hey dude, you feeling good about finishing a pup on your own is amazing, just remember that it took me 4 years to even start knowing what stat changing potions are.


2 years late but @Toastrz appreciated my post


Golden badge OwO


I will never get that badge because I plan on keeping it this way:



lmao glawi with their 28.1k likes



Holy god i’m shaking


This is a message to everyone who wants free realm gold. You should participate in RotMG discord server events as they are an easy way to earn realm gold if you are creative or dedicated enough.

Personally I’ve already won first place multiple times on different events and the prize winnings have totalled over 5k in gold and 3 ST chests.
(You can also get ST chests from raffles for just participating)

I’m quite disappointed that there was only 9 entries for this particular contest even though it’s as easy as copying and pasting realm sprites.


I think they made a typo, there’s no way there was only 9 entries


I thought of making something but ended up not doing it, which is the second time now…


You should participate~

Barely anyone has participated over the past few creative contests so there’s a very high chance of winning.


I knowww, and I really wanted to enter that RotMG IRL contest…
But I didn’t cause I usually forgot or was busy with other things ;~;


I got yellow star today!


YAY I GOT UNBANNED and will be more active (Jk I only go here now because discord is blocked at school)


wow. re is blocked at my school but discord is not.
Also IT said that if their network managing thing sees us on discord we get banned from the wifi, but they also said that they can’t see what tabs we open
that means i can use discord on browser and be fine


Discord isn’t blocked on ours. But anything that ends with .io is


why are your schools retarded and mine is smart?