The Achievement Thread


How many decas did you have to buy that for?




oryx 2?


Tinkerer chest.

So white star, 8/8, and t6 lute in one fell swoop.


:o will you prefer bard over archer?




oh epic. if only i could get quest chests.

Today was the first day in a week that i didnt get an mbc or havoc in halls quest. i dont have mbc marks and i dont meet halls reqs.

i have marks for everything else, except void, because i used those for my chest today


How does it compare to archer?


I dunno.




Hey Wilhuff do you think you can umm use your no life skills on my account? I will pay you 2 decas :slight_smile:

jk unless


That depends; do you have a month’s worth of tinkerer chests saved up?


I have 1 epic chest is that enough?


Only if you #%*&
(But if u understand dont do it)


I’m sorry, but my no life skills won’t work on your account.


Understandable sir, I guess I will continue on my day.

Wait can I pay in keys?
Tempting I know :slight_smile:
Also this is my Achievement

I got all these keys f2p


If you’re actually serious, the answer is no.


Dope skin bro, still gotta get a samurai skin :crying_cat_face:

I do hope i never touch samurai after mine dies and he has the st set so, im safe for now


First treasure room in the Sewers.



Didn’t exactly expect this achievement, but I’m glad the link helped out a ton of people <3