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Secluded Thicket Solo (Huntress)

Nothing much this time round, but I decided to record a typical Secluded Thicket solo to teach some of my friends and guildies on how I tackle the dungeon, more specifically the survival phase

Excerpt of guide:
6:52 - Start of survival phase
Ensure you start from one of the 4 cardinal directions, though I like to start from the South for consistency. You only need “A” and “E” for the entirety of this phase, but you might need to move up or down to readjust yourself midway. Press both “A” and “E” every 0.5 seconds, ensuring Xolotl is always about directly North on your screen, with some practice you’ll find a rhythm to this and it’ll be pretty chill.

Challenging part comes around midway for Exalt players. Xolotl’s 125 dmg triangle bullets rotate slightly faster than your rotation, which will intercept your rotation around halfway (Flash players need not worry about this as these bullets never intercept your rotation on this client for some reason?). Look out for these deadly bullets, and when you find that you can’t dodge them, pause for half a second, then resume rotation. You can see this at 7:02.


i survived fungal boss on lvl 11 archer.
don’t know if i got loot cuz i dc’d as soon as it died.

And b4 u say that lvl 11 doesn’t meet reqs, the rl actually said " yeah go ahead you can bring your archer."
lvl 3 when i brought the archer in.




I survived a pub fungal with a level 7 trickster (level 2 when I brought it in)

Of course, the teleport is a godsend in that fight


I reached lvl 20 by defeating the Crawling Depths and got a white bag with doku in it. Actually, one of my greatest achivements in my personal RotMG career.

My earliest stat pot I got from a dungeon boss on a ppe char was at lvl 2 in an Undead Lair.

And I remember getting one white bag before reaching lvl 20 on an Assassin. don’t know if this happened another time (I’m too coward to run through the dungeons ealier, doing the first 10 levels mostly anywhere in the outside world).


As a community, we achieved 666 Whine Cellar things, Nice work everyone! :slight_smile:


Let’s maintain this number :smirk:


Believe my first 8/8 ppe. Definitely the most fame I’ve ever had on a ppe :slight_smile:


Soloed Avatar LOL.


First Wizard 8/8

Maxed in order:
Life (because screw proper progression)



Completed my first huntress set! Not exactly the biggest fan of it, but at the end of the day, it’s all for the sake of collection and the thrill of the hunt. Sooo yea!

My other huntress set is also nearly done…I’m also missing the bow, hope I get it soon! :>


That one’s actually worth using


Ik it isnt much but I play the game normally and have taken many hiatus periods. Started grinding stars for around 2 weeks and got from red to yellow star recently.

so im happy



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:eye::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: image :small_blue_diamond: <----- my soul


How can a fresh Necro can deal the killing blow???


try a level 2 mystic
it’s a shame I don’t have the screenshot anymore


Solo rushed LH pots for the first time (2nd try)
Nexused at troom tho :confused:


First ever Deri void :smiley:

We did two with no casualties nor nexuses, proud of us ^_^


I mean, also all of your members have been playing for years and have probably done a crap ton of voids in their own time, so I’d assume you more than know what you’re doing