The Achievement Thread


That’s actually false, a lot of out members are long time players but deris been a dead guild for years (hence why we just finished our first void despite void been out 2 years).

Tho I guess ur right I’d say a bit less than half in this group knew voids decently well, but we also had a few people do mbc/void for their first time ever without nexusing!


Ah, that makes sense. I was also wondering how this was deriv’s first void



Decided to 8/8 the warrior, cuz of my first looted pixie-enchanted sword. I also put my crown reskin on him, instead of pairing it with bulwark.


Solo’d lod hardmode :slight_smile:

Also solod a lod with the prismimic… not wurth… why no token tho qq


but… I thought hard mode didn’t exist now…


Basically hardest mode I guess. black-blue-green-red, since red with all of the buffs is pretty hard and the black first effect on ivory is oppressive.


i see.


Did you shoot nothing? How was your mystic lvl 2 by Wine Cellar?


My huntress is now my 2nd character to hit 30k! You know what that means: She’s now retired, along with my knight, never to face the dangers of Realm again (unless we come to a rare situation where all my characters hit 30k…in which case we do everything again and retire at 50k, and then the cycle continues…)

No fame trains used, minimal raids done as well (mostly just for marks), most of the fame has been gotten from solo farming/guild farming nests and fungals <3

What to do next in the game?

gratz man, that’s crazy.


where the fuck did you get wine cellar from

My response was to PRCSakura getting the last hit on a Sphinx, it was a Hermit that I happened to get the last hit on. T0 gear. Yeah, I don’t know how either.



I missed my birthday :\


Not sure if this is where it belongs, but this is the very first time I pulled a jackpot on any mystery box haha~

Originally was gonna drop $10 for my guildies and I to do ~5 LODs (we were just being realistic, these boxes usually don’t give anywhere more than 1 key per pull). Getting the 20 was a big shocker, so we invited more than half of ASE to an LOD party! (and still couldn’t finish all of them, I still have 12 keys left, we’re gonna do them later today >w<)

In case anyone asks why don’t we just leech off of USS or EUN key pops, we can’t get in, it’s constantly full and we don’t really want to waste our time trying to squeeze in. Which is why we decided to buy a couple of keys and share it with the other folks here~


I thought when you meant killing blow, you meant Oryx
because thats what most ppl refer to


It took me 50 days to get regular : )


And the minimum days required are 50 days.


never found a rare egg before…


Nice! Those are quite rare, in my experience! The legendary eggs are generally considered the rarest drop in the game, so good luck finding that next one up :wink:




was 30K your first “gate”? I was thinking on doing that with my chars, but with 10K fame