The Achievement Thread


Wait, I’m cool?


Yes :):upside_down_face:


Why would you think you’re not?


Wait, I’m not cool?


Well excuse me, but do you see your name in WaterPower’s list? No. This means you indeed are not cool, like me. :sunglasses: you can use this emoji to pretend you are though.

Do I get an achievement for not dying in my first new shaitans after I logged in like, once, yesterday?




Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, but apparently realmeye knows all. One year ago, I clicked the forum button, and came into a great community. To everyone that’s been friendly, you know who you are and thanks :heart: :heart:. To many more years :smiley:.


I just havent been seeing enough of you on the forums thats all. Cant think your cool if I dont properly know you, you know.

@Orsome First, its not a list. Second, that is badass.

Third, it doesnt mean much if LudwiGa is slaying you anyway.

Cheers @Twitchystr :birthday:


Am I cool uwu.


In my eyes, you are.


Thank you! <3


Soloed Grand Sphinx couple hours ago before he died. Jugg would be a nice reward for soloing.


Well, i’m kind of a lurker here, but i have visited for 100 consecutive days! that’s pretty good.



Wow! I’ve seen you in-game a lot.


First non-legacy ST set! Very long time in the making. I got the dagger from my first ever LH (I think it was an MBC chest event that finally got me to try it), got the cuffs not too long after. The garms I received from an ST chest a few months back, and the brain I received from an ST chest as a reward from the music notes.

Even though I only got half of the items as drops, I am still pretty hyped to be able to walk around with a big sprite again! I am only 1 item off from 3 other set, too, so hopefully they get completed eventually. 4 Oryx shields and 0 mercy, smh.


… 6 O2’s later, I had Mercy’s drop from the chest, completing the set!


and isn’t creating the new white bag thread an achievement too? :wink:


first 5 star yay


Maxed uncommon pet!


And already a heal/mheal/electric! You are ahead of the game!