The Achievement Thread


Yeet! And a lot of whites


just completed my first crystal outside of an organized raid with the discord.
Quad with 3 players from Hippo Army, Zomberino, as a warrior, TsukiOps as a paladin, and Borelitop as an archer. I was a knight.

Probably the best 4 classes to have, 1 of each melee and a slow.
Sadly, Borelitop nexused at entity


I realize this isn’t that amazing but still the whole set :open_mouth:

What are the odds and the first one I’ve done.


I am finally pee star after 4 years playing this shit game. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY


First legit void solo! Note that this was done on a testing server though.


why the blur in the bottom left at the start. I’m not accusing you of anything but A LOT of hacked clients have a message there when they connect.


Private testing reasons, as it says in the description -w-


Completed my first ever prod O3, even got top damage!

The loot…on the other hand ;-;

edit: 2nd time!.. no O3 tops ;-;

Last edit: Finally an O3 top!


my second unorganized miner fungal completed

@wilhuff mist was my first crystal white that i got 3 of


Whoever survive to the end is a god. Those O3 attacks requires godlike dodging skills to survive.


got my first life pot before lvl 10


That’s some sexy pogger right here.


Completed the first O3 I attempted

… and subsequently died in the next one I did; he was so close too.


Was in the first o3 to be completed, alongside @Stellalumi @DYSTRATIX @Kablooeyy @LBCE @BorubarS


look guys i got white star




Survived a pub fungal with a fresh 0/8 warrior. Most intense moment of my life. (Couldn’t screenshot the boss death from shaky hands) 2nd ever successful pub fungal.


Now I know how to make these texts smaller,
or bigger.
Wanna know how I did it? I quoted a whole post which had little strings of texts.




First tiny cult run! 7 people entered halls, 1 died, 1 nexused, and 5 of us completed the hideout. Managed to snag a vial and a few pots as my reward. Glad I had a csword with me, definitely a valuable weapon when there are not buffs and heals available in the group.