The Achievement Thread


Now, your firstborn please…


Congrats to @CandyShi for being my 40k <3 uwu


Soloed CDepth for the 1st time. Those spiders really hits hard, somehow a stray shot woke SOA and made it dirty (but still managed to cleaned off his eggs). Accidentally drank a HP potion from my inventory (not the default one) and lost my Thirsty… ;( RIP fame bonus for me.

There should be a warning displaying my screen (preferably on the chat tab) if I accidentally killed a cube/teleported/used an ability/drank a potion (basically the “3 strikes you are out” kind of thing).


Fortunately with the revamped fame system that will be implemented soon, Deca is moving away from the fame bonuses that have you NOT do something in favor of more bonuses for actually doing things. I think that will be a really, really good turn for the fame system!


RIP Boots on the Ground ;( Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

But they still should keep the restrictive fame bonuses as well, but rewarding bigger percentage.


Boots on the ground sucks


Why??? ;(


You wish to know why restricting your gameplay, frustratingly making you miss out on encounter and dungeon bosses, and having to rely purely on your own speed to get anywhere - turning a simple task such as farming sprites from quick and easy into a tedious one, where at least 60% of the time is spent just walking towards godlands - and needing to always be aware to not catch yourself accidentally teleporting lest you lose the bonus…is unfun?

I wonder.


I know, but that fame bonus rarely gets love from the community (Thirsty is fairly common, Mundane depends… And Boots, only if willing to miss out event bosses).

I did missed like few Herm God, Sphinx and bunch of others but I need the fame for feeding pets (and even when I hit to 100/100/x Divine). I am trying to get the most out of when I lose a character regardless of 0/8 or 7/8.

It takes me few minutes to walk to GLand, while it is tedious, it also tells me that regardless you can TP or not, maxing a character is no walk in the park.

Long story short: I have a strong obsession with fame bonuses.


Then you should be glad, lol! Hopefully it will be much, much easier to rack up fame bonuses without handicapping yourself like that.


But will they yield more total fame the the current system??? To me, the restrictive bonuses should be kept, but buff them to 50% each (Thirsty, Mundane, Boots and Friend of Cubes).


i disagree with thirsty and friends, as those are quite easy to keep, even without conscious though.
Mundane and boots, however, I absolutely agree with that, although the lines of mundane are kinda blurred with kunai, cuz getting hit still retaliates, but doesnt ruin mundane


Just solo’d a fungal cavern on a priest :)

Was pretty intense at a few points

I didn’t know it would do that sun thing.
I also didn’t expect it to shift the sun pattern.

Had me on my toes until the very end.


34 hp?! You madman.


I’ve uploaded the video to youtube with some background music, if anyone’s interested:


Very impressive! Makes me want to watch other solos, though, because some of those phases seem insane to dodge, especially the final one (where you were healing basically every 3 seconds). I don’t think I have completed a fungal cavern, yet. Gotten to the boss a few times, but never finished it off.

Those times with you dropping so low were even more terrifying on video than they were in the pictures…I can’t believe you didn’t nexus.


I went in there somewhat tired and wanted to have some fun, so I ditched my cwand/prot/shendyt/gebring set in my vault and put on some items I wouldn’t mind much losing.

Nexusing was never an option. (unless I ran out of mana and saw death coming for me)


I was also too focused on dodging to calmly consider nexusing. Taking time to consider it would mean losing focus and having to nexus or dying.
Only if I was forced to stop dodging could I end up nexusing.

Just before the end was I was very worried, since I was both low on health and low on mana. (245/148)


I know it’s probably not that impressive but here’s the aftermath of my first LoD (essentially) solo

Started off with 4 other people on Red, realm closed, and proceeded to do Blue, Black, then Green with a blue star buddy. Did Ivory solo. I remember when I used to be terrified of new LoD a few months back. Discovered that Blue becomes armor broken when you kill all the baby dragons on the first phase.


I thinking of Thirsty and FoC should be 25%. But if you kill cubes/drinking potions, it should be:

100 cube kills/potions drank: 5%

500 kills/drinking: another 5%

1000+: another 5%.