The Achievement Thread


Man, if you guys are mad that Sakura won’t 8/8 because they hate the 8/8 grave then you’re gonna be so mad that I refuse to play bard because I hate it so much


At least you’re only limiting yourself in a small way, while you can play RotMG without bard and not feel an impact, seeing that wis and leaving it in the bag every time is just stupid and limiting. His reason is meaningless aesthetics, while you at least have a (subjective) practical reason.


Make sure you turn player opacity down! I used to feel this way about MBC as well, but every since opacity became an option I don’t find myself taking much damage at all through the fight, usually staying above 90% HP and never feeling like I had to rely on priests.

I also suggest learning what colors give what effects so you know what to especially avoid.


No I didn’t. I pick up the Wis pot but I use it to build my next character.

What ya mean “obsolete”???

I dislike the 8/8 gravestone that’s why I never made 8/8.

I like the Bard, but… you don’t.


2k death fame on Youmu while being petless. This is how I earn 5 stars promotion.


My first Crystal Cavern!


My first Shatters!


Gratz on red star, too!


First time getting a full ST set from only drops (2nd time getting a full ST set, first was vamp rogue from the present STory)

I really need to max this warrior, guess it’s time to make some farming characters!


18 ppl in guild dungeons! We have 21 online atm. Highest activity since early covid days


It’s about dang time somebody showed me respect


First MBC!

I also met Wizard :smiley:

Also 8/8


My first oryx sanctuary

My first o3 miniboss

It was really scary


jesus you’re progressing fast


Thanks lol I wasn’t planning on trying an oryx sanctuary so early, but these dudes really needed a shield rune so I ended up in a sanctuary.


My first void!


Leucoryx can be considered the hardest if he does counter, so gj


that’s a lotta firsts in such a short period of time
what happened…?
did you just one day decide to go for broke, and start doing these dungeons?


I’m proud (i also killed my first sanctuary boss, leucoryx, recently (no counters run) and then did a beisa)


2K base fame!