The Achievement Thread


That, and O3 is sometimes a bit tough to hit. Sure, he stands still a lot, but I still felt like that was juuust short enough to not land my shots. Oh well .w.


Last goal of mine UwU
Gudbai Flash



How…how is that possible?! Did you plan this out like months in advance?


I got 900k total fame when my pally died so that one was kinda there by default but still took a year, same with the stars and skins, already had those.
I was thinking about the exp for months but I needed 1M and was too lazy to actually do it xd
so this and last week I actually started grinding for it and, fun fact, I earned 100 more fame than necessary, luckily my other chars had a purrfect amount of exp so I had to grind another million again.


Couple days ago… I completed my 1st Nest.


Wait since when did the nest start dropping nails, screws and pasta?


Now. MotMG Reconstruction campaign, and the pasta is planks




Finished my first exaltation. (technically did this two days ago, just haven’t posted till now.)


Meanwhile, @Zuzu having already done 75 nests


After playing this game for about 4 years now, I have finally achieved my first 8/8.
This is a bit more special to me since 97% of the potions drank on this character were all earned from dungeon running, and only a few were bought.

Also not long after this I got my second ever 8/8 archer


Finally level 90 first ability! Long F2P journey (pet is F2P, not account). Now to get it to 90/90… and then to get another 90/90… got a ways to go, still.




Give pet skin now. Jokes aside, congratz!

The General Chat Thread

Good work! I have about 25k until I hit that mark, also F2P. I’ll maybe catch you yet? :wink:


Not my achievement, but I wanted to say smth bc my older brother has been playing this forsaken game for over 8 years now!

His current account is LEOlVALDEZ. He was the one who got me playing this game!


Why not putting a screenshot of their actual realmeye then


To show he started playing 8 years ago


Started playing but stopped at two stars


He has a new account