The Achievement Thread


that’s why I dont care much about vit. :smiley: I act like an 90 year old guy with mummy rot.


she has like 13 alive crowns, while i have 3


Isn’t it the opposite? Def matters more when taking multiple hits, hp is better when taking less hits with time between them


Only when they deal small amount of damage.

More on 150+ damage per projectile, HP ring dominates.


Dang, she really can grind through bunch of Shatters but I have… none, because I don’t rely on Discords.


Cray doesn’t rely on discords she carries discords :stuck_out_tongue:


And meanwhile I am still trying to solo LH without any help.


Good luck with that


I can do it, it just it will take many tries and deaths.


lol its hard to solo anything with help
with help it’s not a solo anymore


That’s what I said. Soloing without help counts as legit solo.


Yeah that’s what I said


Oh. But so far (from Testing), I did managed to learn how to handle Crusade (I still have to learn more though), Golem Room, Slime Room and pretty much everything except Agonized Titan and MBC. I really want practice dungeons to be implemented (not Testing but on Prod).


If you want, I could try and give you some extra tips. I’ve solo’d many a cult, which translates pretty well in soloing the dungeon part of the Lost Halls.



On this day 8 years ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life.


Practically twinning with candy smh


solo’d on same day, but i had to use pots and did o3 1 min faster smh

also i did the miniboss and it was dammah rEE


Orange star!


PiiNeS is catching up to me terrifyingly fast, guess I just need to get good


first o3 miniboss on first attempt
nexused from o3