The Achievement Thread


My first event white ever! Sadly it was a bad one. But, on my ninja ppe


It’s mainly because I do basically only do PPEs now and I like tyring out a lot of classes. So I’m not really good at any of the classes, but I just played on them.


So, I just did my first marble colossus fight. Was a public one, and with only four of us for the majority or it. I had to nexus nearer to the end, on one of the rotating shot phases. Was pretty fun though.


You may want to relog into the forums, it still displays you as a red star


8000+ base fame ^w^

and this did not age well at all.


That was my first event white too


It is done.


U still doing good some efficient realm clearing tho? Need like 24k points still for the skin lol, basically gave up


Haha, I haven’t for a little while, been playing Minecraft with some friends. Add me on Discord, even duo efficient realm clearing can be pretty fast and fun. Furyborn#3515


Will do! Thanks for quick reply!


Legendary pet #3


my current ppe! its gotten 2 event whites so far: ray and ogmur


Avatar of the Forgotten King Solo on Priest.

Thanks to the new HP Scaling and CWand it went way faster than I thought.
For the eye phase I created a minefield around the avatar with Bulwark and spammed Pain and managed to clear them very easily, no respawns. I’ve never done this before and I least expected priest to be able to do it since the incredibly low DPS, but I feel like I accomplished something :sweat_smile:


In an 8 person WC I feel like this was something at least

Consecutive Oryx kills on O1 and O2


1st time beating the Crystal Entity.
2nd attempt at Crystal and 2nd time completing a Fungal. (Disappointed with the loot since I kinda rank this above nest for difficulty, but it is what it is)
1st fungal attempt I think I got to the last phase but I got obliterated by the orange “flower” shots on my Sorc a few weeks ago.
Happy that this was also a public group and it was pretty small to begin with (5 other players at the beginning)

In the meantime I’ve been attempting Fungal solo’s, but the furthest I’ve got so far on a solo is the end of the big head phase.

This just shows me that these two dungeons aren’t so scary after all, I just need to be more confident on the bosses instead of panicking like I ended up doing on my sorc (which is why I ate a bunch of shots).


From a few days ago. First completed (and public) cultist. Halls being much easier to clear in small groups really helped.


I would pay you a Life pot for both UBMP and UBVit.


do you not remember the phase in fungal where the crystal worm mother circles around while the worm father in the middle fires a bunch of radial shots?
that phase is the only thing in rotmg that consistently stopped me from completing a dungeon


That’s why mystic is good for fungals, can stasis worm mom :wink:


That’s the phase I got furthest to when I tried to solo, I managed to kill the Father, but I stood too close to the mother and didn’t really move too much and ate both of her shots so I decided to get the hell out of there, next time I’ll rotate around the head so I don’t get hit by the Mother as much.