The Achievement Thread


(the base fame… way more than i ever had)


I fed them to my pet already


What the hell?!?!? Why would you do that??


You are comparing borderline useless rings to a highly sought after ring.

Anyway i think @Platformz is joking, which is probably the case.




That’s what Demonseye said


They’re maybe not useless for you, but in the eyes of many people they find it useless.


Oh no. I know how good UBMP is.


HP ring obsession OP plz nerf… just saying.

My argument is non-HP UB rings still have their actual use other than suiciding for fame bonuses/feed power:

UBDef > Para HP when fighting in the Realm. Or when it can reduce an enemy’s attack to minimun damage.

Para HP (up to Deca) > UBDef when raiding Nest, Lost Halls and other endgame dungeons.


I’ve got it bois, This beefcake is gonna unlock me my Char slot from the campaign.


Managed to get a double kill on the Event Gods, but no Vile Trap or Conflict.

Fighting the GShip was particularly scary even when Miku was wearing her UBDef…

On the Skull Shrine fight, some dudes cleared out the minion, allowing her to snipe the boss afar but took moderate amount of damage.


I have achieved the 10k virgin status.


I have achieved worst roll ever
Keep in mind this is with 40+ pots drank already


90/x/x pet. I guess this is pretty cool : D

Dropped 10k fame last night because of the update, figured it’d be worth less anyway and better take advantage of the cheaper rate while I could


4 years!


accidently soloed it. I’m beginning to understand the want to solo nests and things like that. In fact, if my knight was still alive I probably would have duoed, if not soloed, a cult by now.


finally completed the collection


holy fuck i never woulda though mfs would actually put vault space for that shit. thats fucking badass as hell honestly


If you need some tarot cards shoot me something



400 gold, here I come !