The Achievement Thread


Haven’t died on a half-decent char in 2 years


I think you need to do more O3. Congrats, though!


Yo could u share the link to the discord contest server or whatever it is?


its the official rotmg discord


Ok tyvm kind sir


Top 100 necro!!! Finally my fav class is up there!! yayyyyy

Ignore the set tho lolll


Finally got this too! Had to grind this in the past three days since I was really busy earlier with irl

Such a hot skull!!!


Hot set in general tbh


Finally got a full ST set… I have no characters for it though…


This took, like, 4 days? New (base) fame gain’s pretty insane!
Glad to have this back, ehehe ^u^


5 years and change ago I started playing this silly little flash game. wow.


AH!!! Congrats!!! <3 <3 <3


finally 8/8ed my ninja


That’s honestly one of the highest base fames I’ve seen


ye ive played a lot on it :slight_smile:


Nice, you’re using the best ninja skin


Meanwhile my petless Ninja does not carry that many swapouts.


wow you really are trash imagine not carrying at least 8 swapouts around everywhere. You can only be a real gamer if you carry 9 swapouts without a backpack


Stop joking.


Actually I don’t rly like it, saving up for a death skin, but it’s staring to grow on me