The Achievement Thread




May have to use Discord :confused:


To solo oryx 3?


No to learn the phases and access the Sanctuary itself.


never give up, never surrender


i put all my faith into prc o3 solo :):smiley::smiley:


simply do a candyshi “quit” and come back stronger than ever before.


for you are,/THE LAST AIR-BENDERRRRR!!!:musical_note:



What a show tho


I know people get a lot of fame nowadays with updates on XP Bonus, but I’ve finally reached 10k base fame on mystic and warrior. None of my other characters have ever achieved that much fame before because they all died in the dumbest way possible. :frowning_face:


2 more dungeons soloes completed…
I actually no-hit Bes, which means I’ve redeemed myself after tragically losing a jugg to him, I did not no-hit any of the other bosses though (got close with Nut) and also I was playing rogue, so no-hits are way easier


Did you rush them or clear them?


Rushed tomb, cleared cdepths


good job!


4 whole years, ladies and gents.


100k posts read


no life intensifies


Trust me, that isn’t even close to no lifing


candyshi intensifies



5x 30,000 fame characters, and 200k alive fame achieved! . w.b

Coming soon :tm: