The Achievement Thread


I don’t really know, I feel like deca is just barely hanging onto players because of their events.


soloed an alien dungeon
I hadn’t intended too, I was duoing with @GammaGamer but he dced as he connected to the dungeon and so I was left alone to do the full dungeon, he was there to duo the other 3 though


its happened bois… im regular again


jesus christ 50 active hours on a character

10k fame on a ppe too but forgot to ss

my luck is horrible, still no cutlass

so it turns out the secret to survival is grinding event dungeons relentlessly


you need that heavy armour now


Grinding event dungeons are nice for survival time, but be careful of lag that comes out of nowhere!! My first colo sword warrior died very unexpectedly in Untaris


definitely character I’m most attached to by far, I just don’t play if there’s lag or I’m tired. despite this, I can’t tell you how many times jugg has saved my sorry ass


I like the sound of that, DeeBomb, the Afficionado


White Star again!



White star finaly!!! Only had to cost me my ppe.


I feel like there’s going to be a lot of white star posts for a while


Yeah xd, ima be the only yellow star left :pensive:


Probably, but to be fair, I was getting pretty close before the fame rework, and I got several (maybe six?) characters over 2k that I had at 2k death for a while before. I just struggled with the last few for a while.


ik its not much of an achivement anymore but I got white star after almost 4 years
also idk how to update stars on the forums anymore


Log out and log in again.




soloed my first oryx 1


white star




Something called killing Cubes. Killing 1k Cubes in total will yield over 4k death fame alone.