The Achievement Thread




He’s going to use the astronomical power of Cubes to punish all the Cube-killers.


Usually I aim for 7/8’s, but I will show you why this is different from others.

Behold, my 1st and only experimental 8/8!


Hero of the nexus, last thing to do was O3 and it gave me divinity


(Oct 29)

(Nov 30)

3rd ever character with 8k+ base :3


First ever trio-void I’ve done! One step at a time yea? Maybe next time will be a duo. Special thanks to Rafael and Icarus for tagging along to help me practice <3


Lowest health roll



I had even worse, like -45 to -50 before.


Finished a Void with 2 guildmates and me. I pretty much stayed on one platform after ‘ALL NOW ENDS’, so the other 2 had to do more work than me…


void solo? owo


reached the 10.000 base fame for the first time!



Unreal. And it was so smooth, too! Dropped low at the very beginning because of some nasty patterns, but after that it was just clean. Using Mist + Rum to go invisible in the final phase is huge. Amazing job as always!


White Star :slight_smile:


Hard carried a poor-equipped Assassin. In the beginning, there were total of 7 dudes in the Ice Cave that Lord dropped. At the end, it’s just me and that Assassin duoing Esben.

Before upgrading the gear, they were using T7 dagger, T3 Poison and T3 HP ring and a bit weaker Leather armor. Yes, they have a Legendary pet but as a 0/8 character.


we win these.


~9years anniversary… wish i knew the exact date i started…

Characters of the RotMG Player: Moqtada |
this is my IRL friend who introduced me to it, so probably not too far off


My mind cannot even process how quickly you are achieving all of these runs! A few super close calls in this one, still absurd that is is possible at all, though. I know last time you said this was the “final” version, but do you have any other modifiers you are considering?


Why do your items have shadows on them?


Anti-performance hacks. The shadows make the game run slightly less smooth in order to ensure that it doesn’t get too easy for me.
/s, it’s just the setting that I set shadows on items to.