The Achievement Thread





Pub Leucoyrx clear :flushed:


how many counters?


None, it got kinda bad near the end. two people died instantly and he was about to get a 2nd orb on his final phase


i know its sad but i barely managed to duo o3… yeah, lack of snakeye ring made it harder and that’s why my hp pots bar is empty. Loot isn’t bad tho, cant complain.


First o3 complete!! Very happy!



Just the other night, went to bed after completing it so didn’t post it here, but here’s the screenshot!

I was done to 3 hp and 3 ichors after gems and seriously considered “should i nexus or should i risk it to get more experience?”
So happy I stayed, my third celestial complete, too!


wow you have balls to risk a void bow. I wouldn’t take one even if I had 10 completes already


Yeah I was dumb to do that but I wanted to complete so I was like whatever, got an extra anyways.


What is the point of having amazing equipment if you never use it for anything but the weak stuff? It loses its full potential. High caliber gear is meant to take on more difficult enemies, even if there’s a risk associated with it.

Perhaps that’s an overly pretentious approach.


I usually don’t use my food gear to get pots and that’s what I was doing, but just thought about doing it so I did risk void when I normally wouldn’t do.




Sooner or later you’ll have a warrior tops set


First o3 pog


300k base

never thought i’d see the day where I hit 10k base, much less 300k


But retired, of course.


quit btw


Is this some joke I’m too dumb to understand?


Long story short, he had decided he was going to quit the game and publicly announced such intentions… but then O3 and exaltations came out, and he is still up there in the top 20 exalted players. He used to be neck and neck with Craykiller for the top 3 positions.

The “quit btw” was something that stemmed out of that for the irony of becoming one the best players in the game after “quitting.”

Does that thoroughly ruin the humor for you now?