The Achievement Thread


congrats! If you can complete one, you can complete more! Be careful though because o3’s are still hella spook


solo’ed a fungal cavern on testing! yea sure I did use effusions for the crystal worm father, and I did use a bunch of hp pots, but I feel like I can still improve more over time.


First life exalt: The power of leeching + oreo :D. I am pushing in more though so I am learning, even if it is really slow


first completed ST set


Pictures wouldn’t do it justice; I finished a Summoner Nest solo, with zero repeated phases.
All I’m using is a tiered set with Soul’s Guidance and Expo. I’m very certain that Guidance is like, lowkey overpowered in terms of potential damage.


didn’t screensht, but i completed an 03 on my huntress today :slight_smile: only had 1 hp pot (which i didnt even need) and a set a was scared as hell to lose


since getting my new laptop i’ve been getting back into o3s and i still feel accomplished when i complete them. Doing em on my warrior until i get 2/5 exaltations or I die :sunglasses:


update: the warrior died today




lmfao thank you so much deca

I guess the top 1000’s in fame would be much harder to reach now.


We’re finally back to white star giving a rough estimate of how good you are with all classes, not just that you are god-like with a few! The Realm has a lovely variance of colors in the chat and all over the screen. Ah… this is giving me the nostalgia of older, simpler times.


I’m pretty sure every ex white star is good, or at least half decent, at every class in the game.

It’s just that I only enjoy playing trickster. Everything else is pretty sleeper.


I don’t know. I knew a lot of people that obtained white star even pre-fame rework that admitted that they had mooched off of the game bonuses until 2k death, then ended it there.

(Also, go Trix clan! ‘\o/’ )


Trickster is the only class :sunglas:


assassin love beats all




stop lying to yourself and face the truth


trickster is a girl and assassin isnt boom i win get rekt


some assassin skins are female and some trix skins are male boom mic drop


ur assassin has less BF than my trix hahahahahahah get rekt


doesn’t matter since we’re talking about assassins and tricksters in general get destroyed

(also its only a ~2k difference so I mean)