The Achievement Thread


In case if you’re wondering how exalting warrior is going, 3 weeks later :slight_smile:

edit: yes i nexused from 9 voids I’m bad


Just tell people you did MBC chains :wink:


The first time I hit the 15.000 Base Fame


14 man O2 reduced to 5 man. Me ended up doing the most damage because Concertina did that phat carry. Also, an unfortunate 7/8 got clapped…


Thanks @XBookwyrmX for pointing it out to me, but I just crossed the 100K fame milestone for the first time! Top 1000 here I come!


15k base on bard. I will never subjugate myself to such torture that is playing the bard, ever again!


How dare you.


I really enjoyed playing with my bard - even before I used a Concertina.


I dared and I died.


I enjoyed using pungi but everything else about bard is very dry.


tiered bow, no concertina, and no vesture oh my… I have to say, I do not blame you at all for coming to the conclusion that you did about the class. It’s not exactly optimized for that set (yes, this is bad). But when you get void bow, don’t waste its potential by slapping it on archer or something… please. It can easily become the best bow class with just a few endgame items.


Never have and never will get a void white and when I do it will be nil.


Bergenia is good enough. Also Leaf Bow does (did) work.

Tiered bows and Coral bow are not a thing for the bard because of the leak of attack.


I know how bards work and how the stats work. I just do not enjoy playing bard and I never will again. I have never been a fan of a bow class wearing a robe and I have never liked any incantations of bards ever, in anything.

Also I have never gotten a bergenia bow, and I never will.


That’s clear! So gratz to the 5th star!


Well, I say that, but if I had the Hatsune Miku skin I probably would make a bard again.




my favorite singer is her


70 more O3’s to go…


Don’t die to GemsCock now