The Achievement Thread


yep deca fucked up again, get one fame on the characters you are missing stars that you should have, if they are dead/have less fame than you already achieved you gotta send them an email


im happy that i’m red star again actually :>


When is DEF better than HP? Well, there are dungeons where DEF is better than HP. Shots that would put you into combat if you didn’t have the def, would warrant you to put on a DEF ring instead. However, if the shots would’ve put you into combat anyways (like every shot in O3), then the HP ring wins. Also, even if the shots don’t put you into combat, but is armor piercing, then HP > DEF. There’s a time and place for DEF, but O3 just isn’t one of those times nor places. Maybe I’m more biased towards HP because pink is my favorite color, but it’s still a fact that 180 armor piercing does 180 damage even if you have 50000 def…


Not everyone grinds Sancts 24/7. If Sakura likes DEF, who even cares? Let him breathe, man. tenor



Top 1000 accounts by alive fame!


IK when to use HP over Def. Aka MBC, Void and O3.

That’s me right here.


orang again