The Achievement Thread


First o3 completed! got gemsbok as first boss so lucky me


Give me that T14 bow.


how many attempts did it take you?


i don’t remember much since i don’t count my attempt, probably around 20 tries and 1 death, still got alot of problems with celestial and heaven beam.


Took me 4 8/8’s before I secured my 1st O3 clear.

Then after that, a staggering total of 49 8/8 Samurai’s got yeeted (12 from other Exaltation dungeons, 1 was harakiri for fame and 36 from the Sanctuary).


wow, that’s alot of 8/8 samurai lost, does the sanctuary gets easier for you later on?


yes, absolutely.


I… pretty much had to farm all the rainbows to keep myself sustained or else I am fucked.


that’s rough, hope you’re doing well on rainbows now.


I have enough mugs to instantly complete the next campaign instantly :relieved:


just need robo pally now


Professional mug hoarder, finished the campaign as soon as it came out x wx


Finished exploring the Ice Cave solo for the first time.

So far, I’ve managed to complete the following dungeons on my own.

  • Pirate Cave
  • Forest Maze
  • Spider Den
  • Snake Pit
  • Forbidden Jungle
  • The Hive
  • Magic Woods
  • Sprite World
  • Candyland Hunting Grounds
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Cave of a Thousand Treasures
  • Undead Liar
  • Abyss of Demons
  • Manor of the Immortals
  • Puppet Master’s Theater
  • Toxic Sewers
  • Cursed Library
  • Mad Lab
  • Tutorial!

Now I want to try Haunted Cemetery!




550 mugs?!
Gosh, I’m feeling like I’m experiencing some sort of generation gap…


didnt have the vault space :(, i get the st set from just vault though which is nice


Ehm…actually I kind of overfarmed them so I had a few excess mugs . w.

Yea it was very taxing on my vault space, but I’m glad it’s finally freed >w<


already halfway through the skin tier now, easy campaign


Just completed 100 pirate caves and posted about it on reddit.

Well, I also recorded this action on video.


Also, a couple of days ago, I reached the first full exalt dex (5/5) on my bard. And also made a post about this on reddit.

Probably, it can be considered an achievement that my bard is still alive.