The Achievement Thread


anything’s possible with some purpl drank, oj and rum :^)


Planning to Exalt Bard?


Most likely not, I have no desire to lose this bard in new shatters or on o3. Maybe I will try to achieve full exalt with other bards, but it will take a very long time.


If you do, I can give you some tips for the Exaltation process.


Thanks! I think you could write about it here or make a topic, if it’s not useful to me, maybe someone can get ready


the one use for stinger, gg wow


What a fkn gamer


Today, for the first time, I won Stat Bonuses for Exaltations.
By completing Cultist Hideout 5 times, I got SPD+1.
I didn’t know that it would give me an extra +1 from my maxed stats of 8/8.
I feel like I’m pushing the envelope.


first top on testing!!!


Got these two 5 starred!


It is finally done.

From this (screenshot back in 2/25/21):

To this (1/8/22):

Final fatality counts:

53 8/8’s: 1 was harakiri for fame, 12 were from Exaltation dungeons, 40 were O3’s

4 7/8’s: I can’t express how much efforts they invested and kept me going.

Their sacrifices were valiant and will not be in vain.




Incredible achievement, well done and congratulations! It must have been a journey.


Now for the t7 waki grind :expressionless:


Only got 1 and I don’t want to lose it for chest opening (need to abuse xp bonus).




dam, i was gonna fully exalt my pally but idk if i have it in me to even finish it idk how yall do all these runs 5million times honestly

endurance 100


More like… completing each Exalt dungeons 75 times.

It is very harsh and likely to take staggering fatalities during the Exaltation process.


ya learning o3 i died a lot too i havent even stepped into a new shatters but heard thats hard now aswell



Can you imagine, after 10 years of playing, when getting your first jugg it is not only a jugg but also the sphinx pet skin in the same bag?

What do you think are the chanches of that happening?