The Achievement Thread


8 years no jugg. . .


Character skins of the RotMG Player: TruSlavPow |
After a stupid amount of effort and waiting and trading and whatnot, (including 18000 points worth of Oryxmas Presents opened, Multiple Decas, etc) I have finally completed my Oryxmas Skins collection. Summoner took an absolutely stupid amount of time to get, and I finally got it for just 1 Deca after hours of sitting in USW3 and offering up 11 unique Oryxmas skins for it.


Hah, remember when Exaltations were planned to be deducted if you died inside the dungeon?
What a time.


I remember that…


did a shit load of o3’s on testing and got a few more top dmgs
one thing to note: if you’re going to try and get top, female classes>male classes




Welp, should have seen this post coming eh?

18x 30,000 fame characters
Except ever since the last time, I’ve bent the rules a bit: Bow classes are the exception for they are superior, hence why my huntress, archer and bard are past that 30k threshold x)


its is interesting to see which are the popular classes from this, knight, pali, war, wiz are of course high, im suprised how high up necro is actually


necro is basically wizard for people who cant dodge, of course it’s gonna be high up.


unfathomably based


Sword classes are indeed popular but they are very difficult to play on.

Wizzy on the other hand… pretty ez.

Rogue + Assassin are the top 2 underrated classes in the game btw.


Y’all think I can complete the campaign in the next 2 days?

Jokes aside, I ended up not needing most of the mugs I had collected which is funny


:slight_smile: first and only
it was during cult event AND when i was tryinig to 15k kensei, so that made it go by real fast, i didn’t even realize i fully exalted the stat!


rogue is my least favourite class in the game and i touch it once in a blue moon


For me, Wizard is my least favorite (I personally rank him on the C tier).


rogue sucks. assassin’s only merit is pogmur.


i love wiz, ep is fun, spells are fun, tiered staves are best in slot so no hassle, funi st spell goes fast. only thing i dont like is how expensive they are to max


Fuck you and git :hammer:'ed.


He’s hungry on Attack, Dex, Wis and Mana.

I do get your point though.