The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod



Crown of the Warlord I would really like to see your justification of this as it’s immensely powerful. There are so many situations in the game where you’d happily sacrifice speed for damaging (Not only damaging, but coupled with beserk as well! The DPS would be insane)

Eye of Oryx And some thought the power creep was strong with the crown! Haha, in terms of increase in DPS it’s a straight upgrade and will be a swapout everyone wants. You wear a UBHP and occasionaly switch to the eye of oryx when the HP isn’t needed. Events were already getting steamrolled, do you really want to give a 8/8 warrior the ability to have +8 dex and +8 attack at will?

Burden of Oryx I actually really like this one. However, I feel that the shotgun should be put down to less than 0.50%. With 5%, can you imagine how much it’d happen with a etherite on a trickster?

Mantle UTs are supposed to be a god damn sidegrade. NOT A STRAIGHT UPGRADE. Please compare this to the gsorc!


The Crown of the Warlord provides very little defense compared to alternatives, and the cooldown prevents excessive abuse. The Damaging and Beserk combo may seem positively apocalyptic in terms of DPS; but see the disparity between self and group buffs - at a radius much higher than any existing helm, all allies receive berserk for more than twice the self-buff duration. This coupled with the difficulty of successfully ‘self-buffing’ in a crowd renders the helm fundamentally co-operative. The only time it becomes truly OP is when soloing, but then who cares about out-dpsing? Nevertheless, your comments have been registered and I shall endeavor to rebalance this item as far as I see fit.

The Eye of Oryx is exceptionally powerful, and my only justification is that it deserves to be so. The entire game is in dire need of a difficulty boost, particularly with events, and class rebalances. Although I agree it is wrong to create an item with the unspoken intention of it existing in a utopian realm, I would stress the difficulty of obtaining such an item, both in terms of drop chance (which I am cognisant is unspecified, but which I stress to be exceptionally low), and in terms of surviving the dungeon as I have designed it. This goes for all of the other unique drops in the Beyond. I know this is little consolation, but UB rings and the Etherite were deemed fit for addition despite their unnecessary power-creep contributions, and if you can’t beat 'em, what other choice do you have for an endgame dungeon?

I will lower the Burden’s chance to a more reasonable figure, because, you’re right, it is very strong ;3

And I will also nerf the Atavistic Mantle, although with straight upgrades essentially available for gold, I am reluctant to stagger its potency to any great degree.

And I do once again emphasise that, as this dungeon strives to be the hardest in the game, the rewards are meant to be the rarest and best. While demand still exists for end-game content, power-creep is an inevitable phenomenon - and one which, (in my opinion at least), is best stunted by addressing the root cause of post-pet imbalance, and not by slowing advance.

Many thanks for the honest critiques, they shall be addressed anon C:

Edit: The deed has been done!

  • Crown of the Warlord received a cooldown and MP cost increase.
  • the Apocrypha of the Beyond received a reduced status effect duration.
  • the Atavistic Mantle is now a hollow shell of its former glory.
  • The Eye of Oryx got a slight stat nerf.
    and the Burden of Oryx shotgun chance was reduced to 0.75%.

I hope this puts the items slightly more in line with expectation.

~ Puffagod <3


Extremely good item rebalances. I now cannot fault the dungeon! You actually have a shot at getting it implemented as well, another content creator, Toastrz (Maker of lost halls) said Deca reached out to him about one of his dungeons.


I saw this while logged out of my realmeye and instantly jumped back on to like and comment. This idea is by far the most complete concept ive ever seen, Deca please add this to the game


I’m curious, does the burden of oryx break when resurrecting your character?


You have very good tastes, matey ;3


And I personally think the Burden should break upon resurrection, because if lady luck decides to smile, people could go around with perpetually undying characters.

But I’ll change this if people disagree :slight_smile:


Lets get this dungeon rolling @Deca <33333


Oh man 50 pages of description. I can’t be bothered reading but that’s a lot of effort good job. :ok_hand:


honestly i cant even think of words to describe this. I couldnt even think of how much time that took to put together :stuck_out_tongue: some of the whites are a little broken or under balaced. Definitly a fan of the shard being a player when ammies were a thing. Overall this dungeon concept is overall breath taking and hopefully decca implements it ^^


Love this Idea :3


Happily, it’s more or less balanced now. More or less c:


Wow, just wow. This is one of the most complex and detailed dungeon ideas I’ve ever seen, and the concept is amazing! It is well formulated and planned with some unique and interesting items as drops. Imo, this should be the next end game dungeon, so that the Shatters isn’t the only one. Amazing work and I truly hope that Deca will begin working on this project :smiley:


Great dungeon and item ideas but maybe you should lower the feed powers.

Almost all UT items that were added after healing pets have 500 feed power of less. Endless torment has 250, tablet has 450, etc. This is likely because most of the game’s income is dependent on people buying ambrosia and paying gold to feed their pet. By adding extra sources of pet food you may undercut ambrosia sales.


Items should have higher feed power. That was due to scummy ass devs


Although the concern is valid, I think the effects would be negligible. If anything, we might see F2P players getting slightly stronger pets - and that’s a worst case scenario. I doubt anybody willing to cough up hundreds and shortcut to a divine pet would seriously consider the grind required to obtain such items, which aren’t even as good as ambrosia. So I personally think the high feed powers should stay. But that’s just me ;3


DIS IS AMAZING soon much hard work gone in to this give yourself a pat on the back (if you can do it)… This is the hardest dungeon to do though imagine soloing it… 5 hours to solo maybe we…


You should consider having some of the monsters drop ambrosia. I always thought mad feed power items should drop in hard dungeons and this is definetely a hard dungeon


Now THAT would undercut ambrosia sales ;3


I just CREAMed from those sexy sprites. Good stuff.