The Beyond: An Endgame Dungeon by Puffagod


Sweet! Keep up the great work. :smile:


I just re-read this idea and loved it all over again. I sincerely hope you continue to produce and post these ideas Puffa; reading about the lore and backstories of these places and creatures is just as good as, if not better than, some books I’ve read. I would recommend these just on the storytelling alone.


Thanks for the compliments guys, I really appreciate the support! :smiley: :ok_hand:

And I believe more and better storytelling could really improve RotMG, if it could be accessibly integrated - the first step would be to fix Kabam’s item descriptions, I think ;3

And on an unrelated note, I have actually drafted a few stories (not about realm) myself. I say drafted - they basically exist as masses of unrefined chronicles, illustrations and rough manuscripts. But yeah, glad to see somebody recognises the story-behind-the-dungeon, and with any luck, more’ll come through eventually! :slight_smile:


-I get what you were trying to do with the invisible projectiles, but it’s just a horrible idea. The reason for damage should always be clear, you can’t introduce an asshole mechanic like that at the last minute of the game in a game that’s 100% show and 0% tell.

-“This is tantamount to fallacy!”
… this is basically a falsehood??? What were you trying to say here?

-I had a rant prepared on the subject of monster and boss design, but this is such a common problem in Dungeon Ideas I feel I should either shut up or make it into its own thread.

-Oryx 3 is unoriginal and you should feel unoriginal.

Now for the UTs:

-Making a Skull that deals damage per tick instead of in one burst is the same as making a nerfed Poison: 1/6th of the damage, 10 times the lag.

-Party Effects also work on the caster, so I’m not entirely sure why you have 2 durations for the Berzerk on the Helm.

-No idea how Niruel’s Corona is supposed to work, since for something to be an obstacle it needs to be three-dimensional. Do you mean it ignores terrain effects like water or lava? That’d be OP as hell (and probably get you disconnected).

-A robe with 300 Hp and no Def would be basically useless, except for a Priest who wants to let everyone else die during a lava walk.

-The Eye of Oryx would make the screen even more of an unreadable mess in all the fights where it’d be useful.

Qui bene amat, bene castigat.


so i didnt read most of the comments/most of the dungeoon but jus the white bags, they’re nie, but they don’t really fit tha tmuch. The thing about realm is that hte items are simple, but you have ideas like can see enemy hp in numbers and can see debuff resistance, so many new ideas, too many. Should stick with a bit less. Alot of them are pretty op (i get that its a super hard dungeon).


Invisible projectiles are contact damage, with a range of ‘0’ specified. If you touch certain enemies, you get hurt. Is that not cause and effect? Enemies such as the Rock Dragon do the same.

I am guilty of that at least. Although I firmly believe that the Mad God himself should be the most challenging boss in the game (as for a while he was), and not some rough-hewn subordinate.

‘QoT is a nerfed shield’ - the skull simply gives the necromancer a different playstyle. And as for the lag: decamenu.

That is not the case for this helm. It is a new and seperate mechanic, as specified.

It lets your character move over trees and other ‘environmental items’ as if they weren’t there. It does not allow movement through 3D obstacles, nor does it in any way change the damage or effects sustained from liquids. [quote=“RMGnoob, post:45, topic:509”]
A robe with 300 Hp and no Def would be basically useless, except for a Priest who wants to let everyone else die during a lava walk.

I don’t understand. It is a UT which enables, like a UT should, a slightly different playstyle. It was highly nerfed, but I’d rather have it situational than overpowered.

Perhaps a worthy trade-off for the extremely unbalanced stats?

Your concerns are duly noted, although before I wholly relinquish the ‘high-horse’, I would prefer more constructive suggestions for improvement. A shallow ‘rant’ is, if anything, ‘tantamount to fallacy’. The Beyond is a flawed idea in many ways, but I cannot escape the confines of my own mind to better it past personal imagining.

I would also stress that in the grand scheme of things; the loot is trivial. There is no chance it will be added anyway, and if the remaining issue is unoriginality, then a simple reskin and dialogue change should be more than enough to rectify it. The Shatters experienced much the same changes.

I would, as always, be more than happy to consider (and hopefully accomodate) any proper suggestions to improve the dungeon :3


By that logic no thread ever posted in Ideas would get any kind of comment.

Except for the fact that I can actually see the Rock Dragon’s projectiles and know that I shouldn’t approach it, because Hobbit Mages properly introduced me to the notion of shotgun at the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, I have sat on the sprite of pretty much every enemy in the game and it never had an effect their visible bullets didn’t have.

The Aerdemon’s Quiet bullets are listed with a damage value of 0 and a range of 25, was that a typo then?

Plenty of RPGs do this thing where the Ultimate Secret Boss of the game isn’t just a powered-up reskin of the Final Boss, but a completely new character.

That’s the thing I don’t understand: what play style? How is this changing the Necromancer class in any way?

Which is an experimental feature that many players don’t even know about.

So what you mean is that it lets you go through everything except dungeon walls? That’d be interesting.

It’s only going to be useful in Shatters and maybe LoD, anywhere else you’d just melt with 25 Def.

If an item makes the game unplayable, the stats won’t matter. If I made a ring that gave you +15 Atk but made you perma-unstable, would you wear it?

The problem is that you’ve decided to make the endgame dungeon to end all endgame dungeons, which forced you to cram every single idea you have into one dungeon. Regardless of what I suggest, it’s always going to be a bloated mess.

With that being said:

-you can always replace invisible projectiles with very short-ranged visible ones, like an aura.

-the Eye of Oryx could display the health and resistances of only the current boss you’re fighting (Hp bar on top of the screen with numerical current/total values, status effect symbols with red crosses on them to signify immunity displayed under the health bar).


There is very little question that the Beyond is still in many respects ‘broken’. Whether it is unsalvageable remains to be seen - in my mind, biased as this may be, it is still a valid idea.

Individually countering your points is ultimately futile, although I can understand the majority of them.

And just to clarify, when I said there was ‘no chance they would be added’, I was referring to the items. The same happened with the Shatters; which in the end eschewed class-specific drops in favour of universal, endgame rings. But who am I to scry the future.

Lastly, thanks for the suggestions, although the lattermost one was already made (by myself) on the Kabam forums, and for some reason abandoned. I shall certainly strive in future to improve the Beyond with them in mind.


Awesome work man, keep it up


Easily the best dungeon idea I’ve seen, and this better be implemented into the game honestly. It sounds so much fun and if it really does get into the game and it really is as hard as it sounds, it will probably be our first real challenge in the game since… Well, since forever. We’ve never really had a real, insanely difficult, near-impossible challenge. I have one suggestion: During the final boss, you shouldn’t be able to nexus. Either live to get your insane loot or die.


I love it!

However, I doubt it would make me very many friends…


This is not just unfair, it’s also completely ineffective. People would simply close their browser/Steam/Flash Projector, or just disconnect from the internet instead of pressing the nexus key.


A: I personally don’t think it’s unfair, because if you’re good enough to make it past the 3rd boss, you’re most likely going to be able to do the final boss without much trouble.
B: That’s true. But still, even then, they could just add the no nexus for effect. It doesn’t even have to work that well.


It’s the same problem as with invisible bullets: you’re adding a completely new and potentially deadly mechanic that players have no way to know exists without reading the idea on the forums, there is no way they’ll know it’s possible by simply playing the game. Even if they die to it once, they have no way to know it was intended and not a bug.

RotMG is already enough of a die-and-retry as it is, no need to take absurdly cheap shots at the players like this.


That’s true, however they could make it clear in some way. Make the 3rd boss say “If you go forward you will not be able to leave unless you defeat my master.” or something like that.


Would you allow NR to use this? Everyone over there loves this dungeon and we’re desperately in need of some new content. We have 5 different player-created dungeons and would love to have yours. You know where to find us.


So long as breath fills my lungs, I will not let this dungeon fall lightly into the clutches of NR.


Don’t get breathing problems anytime soon Puffagod >:L


May I ask why not? :c


Better question yet: why haven’t you sent Puffagod a Realmeye PM? You’re not really contributing to this thread and discussing private servers isn’t allowed on here.